Sunday, 16 October 2016


Cloughjordan Community Farm (September)
It’s time for change in the polytunnels. Winter is coming and the tomato season is finished. In September we harvested the last of the tomatoes for the community. The volunteers and I are working a lot inside the polytunnels planting small seedlings of lettuce.

It’s also time for change in the fields. In September we began planting a lot of salad varieties, White Lisbon onions and spinach to eat in the winter.

We found a lot of earthworms in the soil. This is really good because it indicates good quality soil and it participates in the Carbon and Nitrogen  cycle to provide our future harvest.

Besides these, we harvested all the pumpkins and the peas for the farm. There are some really big pumpkins!

Horses also require care in the farm. This month, we’ve learned to cut their hooves

This month we have received two visits from volunteers. One of them is Louis, from Brussels. He is an old friend of the farm and he usually comes back once a year. The other volunteer is Leo, from France. Leo only spent one week in the farm because he was travelling to  meet a friend in Norway. Leo, we hope you were lucky with the blabla-boat!

Goi cooking her delicious lasagna
Louis and his cake for birthday 

Goi (Basque Country), Louis (Belgium), Blanche (France), Raquel (Spain), Aleix (Catalonia), Leo (France) 

In addition to working on the farm,we also enjoyed little funny moments like when we had to put the straw in the stable, when I met with our cow’s neighbours, when we helped with  a fundraising event to collect money for children with special needs in India, when we enjoy Mary’s delicious cakes or simply enjoying a hot coffee on a rainy afternoon. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

See you soon, always with new learning!!

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It's time to change and together we can build a better world. All the best!