Sunday, 13 November 2016


Cloughjordan Community Farm (October)
In October we planted some fields with oats. We also planted four rows  of spring onions. To protect the seeds from the cold, we covered the surface of the ground with straw or cloth.

                                                         Covering the onions

In the fields we harvested all the onions and beets. In addition, we also finished harvest red radishes, scallions and pencil French beans.

                                                                             Harvesting beetroots

Harvesting red radish

We also finished delivering all the pumpkins we had harvested in the month of September. Some of the pumpkins have been used for Halloween decorations!

                                                                             Pumpkins delivery

Pumpkin for Halloween

In October, we have been harvesting celery, two types of parsley, mint, coriander (it always reminds me of the delicious tacos from Mexico), Kale (Black, Scarlet, Pentland and Red Russian kale) and many carrots with really strange and fun shapes.

Carrot love (roots competition)



On the farm we have our own carrot monster

Due to the cold and the humidity, there are also some fungi around the farm, but for the moment they are only spontaneous!

In the polytunnels, we can see the change of season by just looking at the colors of the plants. In the first polytunnel the grapevine has stopped giving grapes and its leaves are now red.

Vine leaves

In the second polytunnel we have finished harvesting cucumbers, jalapeƱos, chilies and sweet peppers. 
October harvest

This polytunnel has been totally transformed. Cucumber plants, courgettes, melons and chilies have been removed and taken to compost. We have cleared and rebuilt the beds and planted salads, spinach, garlic and spring onions.

Second polytunnel

In the third polytunnel we had planted different varieties of lettuces (mild and spicy) and also  spinach including mustard in early October and they are now ready to harvest.

Third polytunnel

Spicy salad

As in all orchards, we have also had some uninvited guests. In the fields several caterpillars have appeared and in some seedlings some eggs have appeared. To prevent caterpillars and snails from eating our crops, we are planting aromatic and other associations of plants looking for the best combination between them – allelopathy-  with spring onion, barriers with large leaf spinach, garlic, etc. around our salads.


Slug eggs

In the month of October we have also received a group of new hens.

                                                                            New hens!

Goi and I are learning how to handle horses. Every day we put on the harnesses and take the ponies to the stable. Daily, we check that they have clean water and we clean their sandbox.

Buddy & Coco


News on the Coach-house! Thanks to a writer in the community, all members of the farm can get to know us a little better. In the couch-house, they have put a space with a brief history and a photo about Goi (EVS), Blanche (wwoofer) and me as volunteers on the farm. It's a very nice detail, thank Eileen very much!
Coach-house wall

When we finished working on the farm, we used our harvest to learn how to cook something new. This month with the great apple harvest, I learned how to cook an apple tart.

Apple tart

I've also learned how to make beetroot muffins with nuts. Although the taste is new and strange, they are surprisingly tasty!
Beetroot muffin

Elliot always knows when I cook

This month we also have the opportunity to travel a little bit. We went to see beautiful Galway city which is an hour and a half from Cloughjordan.


Coffee time in Galway

And last but not least ... We wish you all the best, Blanche! Although your stay has been short (two months) we will miss you very much on the farm, you are a great friend. We hope to see you soon in the farm and all goes well with your studies of Agricultural Engineering in Lille, you are the best!

Blanche delivering the harvest

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