Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Garlic has better bed than you

Yes, I'm sure the garlic has better bed than you and me!

How have we planted garlic in November?

1) Make growing beds
2) Make the soil soft with a rake
3) Make a small trench with the hoe in the middle of the growing beds creating a gap for the garlic
4) Add seaweed in the trench
5) Add compost in the trench
6) Cover the trench with soil
7) Make a hole with enough depth to introduce a seed of garlic
8) Put one seed every 15 centimeters (or phone measurement according to Kevin's instructions)

Phone measuremen or "shaka" for surfers
9) Cover with soil
10) Put seaweed again on the surface
11) Cover the growing bed with straw to insulate from the cold

Voilá!! In a few months you will have very tasty garlic!