Wednesday, 15 March 2017

New polytunnel!

Against the odds,
In one day we built the new polytunnel for propagation!

After intense days of digging and securing the structure to the ground, the hardest part was going to come.

Although the day was rainy, the absence of wind favored the work and in the afternoon, with only four people, we put the cover on the polytunnel. The help began to arrive and between eight people, we put on the plastic cover, we tightened it and we put more soil to add weight and to make sure of not seeing our polytunnel flying away the next day!!


 The first steps have been taken to set up the new polytunnel on the farm. We marked out the construction site, dug the trench to hold the plastic skin and deepened the holes for the foundation. The structure is heavier than the structure of the other polytunnels so that it can better withstand the Irish climate.
It is a tunnel of 20m by 7m which will be used as a propagation tunnel. In other words, the polytunnel will be used for growing seedlings and plants for tunnels and fields. When finished, it will have some slatted wooden staging at waist height to hold many module trays, so the air can get through. The surface will be covered with a Mypex-type weed-suppressant. Besides, on one side, outside of the polytunnel, shelves will be placed to acclimatise or harden off the plants before planting them in the ground.
This extra polytunnel will reduce the congestion in the other tunnels by providing more room for bringing on plants. Moreover, this space give enable us to have meetings, workshops and demonstrations.