Saturday, 15 April 2017

The Onion Menace

From the creators of "The Lord of the onions rings" and "The EVS are onions", comes the last film:

"Cloughjordan Wars: Episode I The Onion menace"

I never thought organic onions would give so much work. They should cost millions. After preparing 1,000 trays we had to put in the seeds, cover them with soil and water. Water day after day until germinated. When they became large enough, we moved all the trays to the field where we had previously prepared the soil. There, we have left them to develop the root and every week we have to check them to keep them healthy, strong and growing. 
Did you know about all the work you need to do to grow onions? I didn’t know it. Now I see the onions with new eyes. I realize all the effort behind and this is just beginning, there will soon be new episodes between EVS and onions, who will win? The EVS will have to transplant the onions from the seed bed to their final site in the field. 

Carrying the trays

Preparing the soil

Accommodating the trays with onions on the ground

Onions growing

To be continued…