Sunday, 16 April 2017


                                         SPRING IS HERE!                                                 

And many pollinating insects start coming to the farm

Propagation and watering are certainly the names of this month. 

Goi watering in early March

Goi watering at the end of March

Next month I promise to put a picture of the biceps that I’m developing by loading 10 L of water on to each arm repeatedly in each day. At first, it was harder to load the water but now I like this work because I'm really getting strong.

March has brought crazy weather: there have been frosts, hail, rain, cold rain, lukewarm rain, warm rain, more rain and a few beautiful days with sun. 

This month we have had the role of nannies taking care especially of all the seeds that were planted in the 4th polytunnel and are now growing. The future of crops depends on the care that we give them now.

1st polytunel
2nd polytunnel

3rd polytunnel

4th polytunnel

 What have we harvested?                                                                                                          

Huge quantities of salads!
Mild salad

Washing corn salad

Rocket salad

Purple broccoli

Hungry gap kale

Pentland brig kale

Red russian kale

Black kale's tops
Rainbow chard

Harvest delivery with tractor

Goi delivering the herbs that we had forgotten on the farm

 What is growing?                                                                                                          

In the fields are growing many types of plants...





And more fruit plants, onions and herbs

In the polytunels is growing...

Lots of onions, of course

More onions


Coriander, turnips 



Black peppermint

Mint and peppermint


Buckwheat for give nutrients into the soil
(and many more plants)

 What have we planted?                                                                                                

Several varieties of potatoes!

Machine to open the soil

Machine to open the soil 

Planting potatoes by hand

Aleix sowing garlic in cells



Sowing beans

Working in teams for sow beans

Working in teams for sow beans

Warm bed with compost working

 What jobs have there been on the farm?                                                                                 

Move the horses from the field to the stable

Raquel and Pat riding Misty and Shadow

Goi and Pat riding the horses
Pat training the horses

training Coco and Buddy

Pat training Shadow before to work in the field

Making doors for the new polytunnel

Propagation polytunnel with new doors

Pat preparing the soil for the next crops

"Mulching" in the fruits crops

In the trenches we put horses' residues covered with straw to provide nutrients to future vegetables

We are going to walk on the straw to expedite the decomposition process
Pat and Aleix collecting all the big stones

We went to Templemore

We remove the polytunnel frame

Was interesting place

 What have we do in our free time?                                                                                             

Some lambs have been born on other farms around

Cows and calves at the next farm 
European goldfinches at Ena's garden

March 8 was International Women's Day. According to a FAO report, if women farmers in the world had the same access as men to resources, the number of people who are hungry in the world could be reduced from the current 800 million to 150 million, impressive, isn’t it? WE CAN DO IT!